Thursday, July 21, 2011

Enjoying the moment!

As the heat stays on and reached its climax, the most important thing is to keep yourself cool and wear comfortable clothes. I have an early birthday present from my girlfriends that reached me just in time. Though, I do not usually wear shorts,but this lovely item is perfect for long hot days!

One of the favorite summer essentials-straw fedora!

Friendship bracelets picked up in a local shops!

Shorts-present(thank you girls!)
t-shirt-Henry Holland
Leather sandals-TopShop
Necklace-Laura Design


  1. Your skirt is so cool and summerish <3<3<3

  2. Shorts-present(thank you girls!)- we are glad you liked!

    t-shirt-Henry Holland - is it in fashion to wear t-shirt this way?

    Hat-TopShop -mmm... dream :)))

    Satchel-vintage - you were lucky to find it!

    Leather sandals-TopShop - they seem to be very comfortable

    Necklace-Laura Design - VIVA Ukraine :) I mean the colors of the ukrainian flag :)))