Sunday, March 27, 2011

Disney Rebellion!

I had to attend a child’s party recently and decided that a vintage Disney t-shirt and fuchsia lipstick are perfect for it. I love the excitement, colors, games and lots of candies that a good party poses and I had almost as much fun as little ones!

I love colored balloons and try to use every opportunity (and party) to have them around!

                                                    My DIY confetti! 

                                             Getting a little bit crazy!

Jacket-French Fry

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

True Blue!

On a casual week day I decided to have some fun and try something totally new for me. I decided to play with different shades of blue in my outfit.

I’m a big fan of mixing different patterns and colors, and I couldn’t imagine how fun a monochrome look can be! The key is in matching more intense shades with paler ones creating your own unique palette!

Couldn’t resist a temptation to have a highlight color and added a white vintage clutch!

Nail polish-Next

Friday, March 18, 2011

Syle Icon:What she hides under her coat?

Today I wanted to tell you about two extraordinary women whom I admire for their work as well as for their wardrobes. Both of them developed unique style that took its own place in constantly changing fashion world.

First, Catherine Baba is a freelance stylist and consultant for a number of fashion houses and designers.  

She dresses with a sort of 20s and 30s Hollywood glamour and feminine allure, displaying a love of rich fabrics and fantasy clothes. I adore her selection of furs, turbans and kimonos!

My second all time favorite is a self-proclaimed vintage junkie, thin, tanned blonde Rachel Zoe. She is a celebrity Fashion stylist and author, best known for dressing some of the biggest stars like Anne Hathaway and Mischa Barton.

The key to Rachel’s look is 70’s  inspired bohemian glam mixed with a certain doze of modern rock!

Who are your ultimate style icons of today?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

In the Yellow Sky!

Last Sunday I got up early to join my hubby and fly a small radio control airplane in the fields. To tell you the truth, I didn’t do much. I just enjoyed my morning coffee, fresh air and wonderful scenery! Oh, and tried not to be hit by plane, my other half is not very skilled pilot yet!

I do not normally wear converse, though I own a pair particularly for such lazy mornings as well as pair of leggings and long shirt! It’s important to have couple of relaxed style items in you wardrobe for lazy days!

Spring officially announced its presence with yellow blossoming fields!

Leather vest-ASOS
Shoes-DIY studded converse

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It’s Carnival Time!

Last weekend was one of my favorite holidays-Cyprus carnival! I always feel very excited and start thinking about my costume long before the actual celebration!

Not so long time ago I found amazing vintage headpiece in my friend’s closet, and was dying to wear it! It reminded me of post Second World War era and its glamorous women, who never left the house without a hat! I immediately decided to recreate the look and rushed to search for white gloves and red lipstick!

Carnival is always so colorful and cheerful, it’s a perfect time to spend with friends and have a great time! Enjoy!

American Gangster!


                                              Cute kissing frogs!

When I spotted this “beauty”, I couldn’t pass by without taking his photo!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Last Days of Winter!

As the hot weather is already around the corner, I enjoy the last days of monochrome looks and the opportunity to wear my black turban before saying goodbye to my winter wardrobe.

Also, I could finally wear my favorite vintage necklace, which I found at the flee market ages ago and didn’t wear it a lot since!

Silver dolphin ring-from local antique shop
Sunglasses-American Optical