Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It’s Carnival Time!

Last weekend was one of my favorite holidays-Cyprus carnival! I always feel very excited and start thinking about my costume long before the actual celebration!

Not so long time ago I found amazing vintage headpiece in my friend’s closet, and was dying to wear it! It reminded me of post Second World War era and its glamorous women, who never left the house without a hat! I immediately decided to recreate the look and rushed to search for white gloves and red lipstick!

Carnival is always so colorful and cheerful, it’s a perfect time to spend with friends and have a great time! Enjoy!

American Gangster!


                                              Cute kissing frogs!

When I spotted this “beauty”, I couldn’t pass by without taking his photo!


  1. wow! what a vibrant celebration! i adore your outfit (especially the sunnies). it looks like it was a wonderful day. the shot with the red balloons creates a stunning effect!

  2. That carnival looks like the MOST fun! I am so jealous!

    I'm your NEWEST follower! I hope you will visit me and follow me back!

    xx Erica

  3. Yes, carnival was so much fun and the weather was lovely that day!