Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On a Day Like This!

As the weather here started to improve(very slowly) it's nice to spend more time outside, preferebly on the beach.Tourist season is approaching its full swing and best places are not overcrowded yet, so locals can really enjoy the best of our beautiful town.

Today's outfit was inspired by 90's well known slogan "Grange Is Not Dead"! I put together my mom's asymetrical cardi with rock faux leather jacket, relaxed printed sweat pants and chunky boots!

I love mixing and matching necklaces and pendants, so that every time I get a new combination!

Favorite rings and new nailpolish!
Asymetrical cardi-Next
Faux leather jacket-Junker
Fringe necklace-TopShop
Metalic necklace-Springfild
Leaf ring-Parfois
Sunglasses-American Optical



  1. so freaking cool. love it all

    Lydz xX

  2. love this look. great colours and awesome pants!

  3. this outfit is all the rage as to the colours and details mixing.love it on the whole.