Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Deck the Halls!

With holiday season knocking at our doors, I’m sure that most of you are in a rush to decorate your home. As for me, I’m always in search for some creative house DIY projects and ideas. Holidays are perfect for these kind of activities!

Wishing all your guests to be angels? Just add some wings to each chair!!!

What a cleaver idea! Send your holiday greetings with scrabble letters!!! Fantastic, and, actually, looks very cool!

At least it’s clear to me now why Santa never paid attention to any of my wish lists! I’ve never fed his deer carrots and hadn’t left him any snacks for his journey! I’m so trying it this year!

Perfect decorating idea for those who are really into recycling!

All photos are from !Check it out to find your inspiration!
Have a great time,everyone! 


  1. great ideas! especially with the carrots ;))))maybe I will prepare something tasty for Santa (if I won't eat it by myself :)))))) Thanks for inspiration!!!! xxx